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The company CosnoVision was established at the end of 2016 to develop the launch site for next generation launch vehicle with light geostationary satellite platform for launch from equatorial location. This site is designed to provide basic information about the project.

Principal industrial partner of the project is YUZHMASH in Dnipro, Ukraine.



Cutting edge, low cost, reliable delivery-in-orbit for Geostationary satellites


Proposed project presumes development of the launch site, completion of development of ZENIT-AUSTRALIA launch vehicle, and of all-electric geostationary satellite platform to be launched using ZENIT-AUSTRALIA. It is assumed that all electronics for satellite will be provided by Western company, see picture.


It was found that the package of delivery-in-orbit has a market of over 150 launches among 715 expected in 2021-2031, which can be addressed by CYCLONE-5 launch vehicle. It includes replacement launches for operational satellites of the previous generations, launches of new satellites by major telecommunication players, and  launches for the countries of developing World. This is very conservative estimate.


Under such conditions total generated profit for 10 years of operations will be $1830mln. This is conservative estimate, considering already made assumptions. Following 2031 profit will stabilize at about $200mln per year. The project breaks even during 6th year.


Company Founders

Mr. Ilya Osadchuk (Australian) pioneered videoconferencing, including memorable conferences with Russian Mir space station, was behind historic first Space tourism mission by Dennis Tito, and was involved in numerous new technology developments in Space and on Earth, including first ever voice and data communications over the same line in 1994.

Andrew Zhalko-Tytarenko (Canadian) is former Head of the Ukrainian Space Agency, and former Vice-President of SpacePort Canada, which exercised first in Canada and in the World Space launch from commercially owned and operated launch site in February, 1998.








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